Stockholm Street Style

The month of August has crept up on us and we are dead in the middle of summer! My favorite summer outfits are of course dresses and skirts! So ladies, here’s a little summer wardrobe inspiration!

I am in love with everything about this outfit! From her hair to her red lip to the floral down to the shoes and handbag!

Denim + Maxi Skirt– Perfection!

One Word: LOVE!
Button up with a pleated maxi! Adorable.

Yes Please! I want both those items in my closet. I love the patterned skirt paired with the simple top.

Dress! Heels! Love them! This is like the perfect outfit to roam around Europe in! The off the shoulders look is amazing for summer time!

Black + White. Simple and perfect.

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Shopping for Lulu

One word: Shopping!

It’s one of my favorite things to do. Which is honestly a shocker for some of my childhood friends. If you sat down and had a conversation with them– they’d tell you that I was the one who hated shopping as a child. Every Christmas season my best friend Kelley’s family would take a shopping trip up to Costa Mesa it was marvelous! That was until I reached a certain age and couldn’t stand going to stores. Literally, I dreaded it. It was pure torture. Looking back I think that it was because at the age of 11 I started getting curvey while my best friend and sisters were size double zero. I had no idea how to dress for my body type. It was disastrous and unfortunately I have pictures to prove it. Down the road, something changed. As I got older- I started embracing my curves and realized that I had to adopt a style that fit my body type. Fifteen years later, my love for the stores has returned.

Moving on.

While I love shopping for myself, some days I love just going to the stores with my girls and picking out things for them to try on. One of my favorites to shop for is Lulu, one of my very best friends!

She’s a doll. See?

[Left: Lulu , Right: Me! Kiss kiss!]

It’s been about a year since we’ve lived in the same city. We’ve both relocated to opposite sides of the country. So it’s been a day or two since we’ve been able to go shopping together. I thought in the spirit of pretending to be in the same city I thought I’d go online shopping for her and pick out some things for her. Lulus is the type of person who could vitally take on an style and rock it! She is the cutest thing! Literally, she’s always willing to try on anything!

Here are my finds!


Bird Call Belted Dress via Necessary Clothing – $26.99

Mira Blouse Sky Blue  via Necessary Clothing – $27.99

Black Sunken Ship Shorts via Necessary Clothing – $19.99

Lauren Lace Shorts via Necessary Clothing – $34.99

Vest via H&M – $34.95

Blythe Blouse in Silk via J Crew – $110

Peplum Ponte Tank via Anthropologie – $78

Sharlene Halter Jumpsuit via Anthropologie – $138

Embroidered Blush Tank via Bloom Downtown – $78

Polka Dot Collared Tank via Bloom Downtown – $58

Rocking and a Reelin Skirt via Modcloth – $27.99

Alright-that’s it for tonight! What are some of your places for online shopping?! I’d love to hear your secret spots!


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Dressing for Monaco

Located on the French Riviera, bordered by France on three sides, and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea on it’s other, Monaco is one of the most magical places I’ve ever visited. Though, it’s the second smallest country in the world- there is something so grand about it. I can remember the excitement as I boarded the train from Nice, France to head to Monaco. I had butterflies in my stomach and as we entered the country– I was blown away. There was something dreamy about Monaco. Of course, I was 16, highly influenced by Anne of Green Gables dramatic sense of imagination, and in Europe so with that combination- everything was bound to be dreamy. But none the less, Monaco had a royal sense about it and I was in love!

During our visit, there was some grand event going on in the city near the Monte Carlo Casino including red-carpets. Naturally my imagination ran wild and I envisioned men in tuxedos and women in their elegant gowns!

I’ve been stumbling across some lovely dresses lately and thought about how divine it’d be to wear one to an event in Monaco.

So in the event that I attend an elegant gala along the French Riviera–


via Uknown


via Uknown

via Mad Beauty


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Inspired by Dior!

Back in the day, I am pretty sure that I was the only high school Sophomore in the state of California that was not allowed to wear make up. As a kid, I’d sneak into my mom’s room while she was out running errands and play with her make up. Of course, I had no idea what I was doing. So while I thought I looked so grown up and fashionable, I’m pretty sure that it could have actually been classified as a disaster. Despite the fact that I had no idea what I was doing with make up, I was fascinated. To this day, I still am fascinated. I guess that was on the list of “pros” to not letting your fifteen year old daughter use make up.

I stumbled across these Dior images on Style.Com and fell in love. They are absolutely beautiful.

Red Lips. This summer, I’ve been all about the red/orange lips. It’s elegant and classy while at the same time making a statement. Honestly, you can’t go wrong. Every brand has reds, but my favorite? Cover Girl’s “Flame”. Cover Girl’s lipsticks are great because they are 1) affordable  and 2) they are long lasting. Seriously! You can eat a full meal and not have to re-apply because of awkward fading.

For a orangey lip color- head on over to the MAC counter! My favorite is “Morange”. It’s the perfect shade of orange. Their lipsticks run about $15 each. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

This is one of my favorite images! I adore the blue liner-! It’s great for those days when you want to try something new. If you are looking for blue liner– Sephora is a gold mine! They have a great line of liquid liners for about $7 in an array of colors! The Sephora brand is honestly one of my favorite brands for liquid liner.

If you are looking for a good mascara and are willing to spend a couple extra bucks– you must try Dior’s! Over the years I’ve tried tons of mascaras! From Cover Girl to Lancome to Armani! Dior though has stolen my loyalty. It does the most for my lashes! Giving them the perfect combination of thickness and volume!

Dior Show found at Sephora: $25

Love to all. Have fun exploring with make up this week!

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Monday’s Best

Another week. Another set of Bests!



Best Typography


Best Lesson Learning


Best Summer Look


Best Cozy Chic


Best Novia Scotia Moment


Best Floral Dress


Best Play on Words


Best Feeling


Best Adventure to add to the Top 100


Best Friend Moment


Best White Dress


Best Quote


Best Sand Art


Best Quote to Live By


Best Quote on Life


Best Monday Outfit 

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Monday’s Tradition

The story goes like this: Several months ago my dear friend Christa and I started exchanging picture texts of things that we liked and inspired us. A couple hundred picture texts later, we came to the conclusion to make it a Monday Tradition. Without fail, every Monday starting around 7:27 am there is a constant exchange of photos of things that intrigue us, inspire us, motivate us, or things we want to try.

Naturally, I thought to myself that I ought to be sharing some of our finds with you…

So here it goes… A couple days after Monday, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

Enjoy this past week’s “best”!

Best New Song 


Best “Pop of Color” Inspiration
via Pinterest


Best New Pattern
via Anthropologie


Best Little Lacey Dress
via Pinterest


Best Eye Make Up Tutorial
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Best Simplistic Party Decor
via Pinterest


Best New Infographic
via Pinterest


Best New Theory
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Best New Quote
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Best New Hobby
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Best New Hair Idea [for Instant Curls]
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Say “Yes” To the Oxford

I’m currently sitting in the corner of my favorite coffee shop flipping through Marie Claire and I stumbled upon a page full of beautiful oxford shirts. To be honest, I just can’t get over them! They are beauty! So classy! No longer are oxfords just for the school kids- let’s bring this piece of fashion to the professional world!


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Stripes & Spectacles

My two latest obsessions: Stripes & Spectacles.

In fact, I’m currently adorned in my stripes and spectacles sipping on my creme soda. I don’t know what it is about stripes that fascinate me– but they do. And spectacles, well those are just a way of life for me… at least since the 4th grade when I realized I couldn’t see the chalkboard.

I thought I’d share my latest obsession with you? Are you ready?

Let’s start with stripes for your wardrobe. 

Via Vogue & Coffee

This would be the perfect traveling outfit! I imagine myself on a train getting ready to head off on a Roman Holiday in this. Sidenote: You should always look your best while traveling. You never know who you are gonna meet!

This dress is so primavera (that’s Italian for Spring!) And come Spring, you can find me roaming the streets of the middle of somewhere in a dress like this!!

Via Say Yes to Hoboken

The perfect combination of stripes and spectacles- don’t you think? Simple, sophisticated, lovely. What else could you want?

ViaPixie Market

Two words: IN LOVE. It’s old school yet something new. It’s definitely not the “norm”, but it’s too cute to deny!

This is perfection! For work! For Date Night! For a night out with your girls!

I’m loving stripes right now– and also colored pants! This is a lovely combination, agreed? So chic.

Next up: Stripes for your estate (or your apartment). 

Via Apartment Therapy 

I adore this. Black and White. Simple and Chick. Thick and Thin.

Via Design Your Walls

Please tell me that you are falling in love with stripes on the walls too? I think this is so classy. I can envision it in my third story apartment already!

So while this may be a children’s room- I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to do this in my room! 1) It’s stripes! 2) A chalkboard wall– it’s like heaven!

Ready to take your estate to the next level? Get rid of the blaze’ (pronounced: blah-ze) chair coverings you got- and refurbish them with stripes!

This couch: It’s to die for! It’s beautiful and such a great statement piece! Mark my words, I’ll be finding a couch like this for my future estate.

Now that I’ve planted ideas of stripes for your home- it’s time to move on to:

Stripes and Beauty Products 

Oh hello,  nautical nails!

Via Polyvore

If you aren’t feeling brave enough to do all your nails in stripes- try doing accent nails. Translation: Pick one nail on each hand to paint in stripes. I promise, you’ll love it.

Via Polyvore

I love this combination. Little Nail Tip: You can get nail pens almost anywhere so if you don’t feel confident in your nail painting skills- fret not, you can “draw” the stripes on.

So stripes and spectacles- What do you think? In love?

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The Fashion Transition

There comes a time in every girl’s life where she has to “step it up” in the fashion department. Personally, I’ve had several of those “step it up” moments. As I headed into my senior year of college- I distinctively remember my sweet mother having a very “serious” talk with me about the need to step it up in the fashion department. My mother informed me that my days of dressing like a little hippie had to come to an end and I should start becoming “more professional”.

The second “step it up” moment came not too long ago when I transitioned into a ‘big girl’ job. My days of nannying and working only at the non-profit had come to and end– and I was officially going to be working in the corporate world. My go to outfit of “boots and leggings” were clearly no longer appropriate for working at a college. It was time for a fashion transition.

Over the past couple months I’ve traded in my flats for heels, my cardigans for blazers, and cotton dresses to high waisted pieces!

 My days of thinking that corporate attire is boring is long gone. For those of you trying to vamp of your work wardrobe- this is for you.

It’s time to bring color, fashion, and creativity to corporate attire.

Starting with this pink blazer.

I love this next outfit! The longer blazer paired fun tights!

Fun colored blazer with a simple button up: CHECK!

 And yes, of course, colored pants! A must!

Okay, so if you don’t feel brave enough to do a bold color for pants- here’s a couple pant styles that are perfect for work yet a little more subtle. So adorable!

And skirts– who said they can’t be the “norm”? I’m absolutely loving this style of skirts and dresses-!

And yes, I’m totally in love with this skirt! It’s vintagey, classy, and work appropriate! What’s not to love?

Every girl ought to have lace in her closet. Classy.

Everything about this outfit is lovely!

The End (for tonight at least).

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Girls + Bows

Bows. They’ve been around for forever, from the 1800’s to 2011, they probably were a girl’s first accessory! Okay, that may be dramatic, but you get the idea. If you are like me you probably had a whole collection of bows as a little girl- one to match every outfit. But as you continued on through life and left the playground you most likely left your bows stored away.

Well- although we no longer roam the playground and jungle gym- it doesn’t mean that we have to leave the bows behind. Classy, elegant, and lady like – bows are a perfect accessory to your outfit!

The Third Story Apartment did a photoshoot just to show you all the different ways you can wear your bows. From headbands, to belts, to necklaces, to brooches- bows are a lovely addition to your wardrobe.

Bows are available for purchase via The Boutique.

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