19 Months Later

I woke up this morning with the odd feeling that I should begin writing again. To be honest, I thought it was such a funny thought to think. After all, I spend the majority of my days and nights writing fashion blogs for Coast to Coast Central. However, if there is one thing I have learned in life it’s this: Always follow the still soft voice.

The prime example of that is this blog, Third Story Apartment.

I have always had a deep love for written words. Well, except for a couple years in college when I wrote more research papers than ought to be legal. However, after college, I  developed a love for writing. While my writings may not have been the most eloquent or grammatically correct, I found a certain thrill in expressing thoughts and ideas on paper. At some point along the line, I decided that I wanted to write a book and start a magazine. What my book would be about, well, the topic was undecided. While I was no where near becoming a published writer or becoming the editor and chief of a prestigious magazine, I knew that I needed to start somewhere. A blog seemed like the perfect start. Without much knowledge of what I was getting myself into, I started this blog, Third Story Apartment.

As I began to write, I gave myself pep talks. Yes, it’s true. I give myself pep talks regularly. But, that’s besides the point.

I told myself that if one day I expected to be running an internationally known magazine then I ought to start practicing producing content now. I began blocking out time everyday to write. I put together a writing schedule, put it on the calendar, and kept myself accountable. I wrote about things that interested me: art, dreams, life, adventure, travel, fashion, creativity, and God.

Little did I know what I was actually preparing myself for.

Four years later, I am beyond grateful that I followed my heart + listened to the still soft voice that told me to start a blog. While Third Story Apartment never had a big following or audience, it was preparing me for something bigger. At the time, I thought it was preparation for a future book or magazine, but in reality the blog was preparation for something I didn’t see yet – Coast to Coast Central. Through starting Third Story Apartment, I learned to write, produce, and explore. It taught me to create something out of nothing, to be diligent, and to never put a limit on creativity.

To end, I’ll say this:

As cliché as it sounds, listen to your heart. Do not underestimate the little nudges you get in the depths of your soul. Be okay with the illogical. Allow yourself the freedom to act even if you do not know the answer to why you are doing it. I have found, that often it is the “illogical doings” that are preparing us for what the future holds. So, darling, take heart. Do not despise your small beginnings. You are in the process of being prepared for what has already been prepared for you.



P.S. As for the fate of Third Story Apartment… It’s still unknown. But, I am willing to follow through with something a little illogical to see where it takes me.


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