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Bhldn. Have you heard of it? It’s one of my favorite websites. I should tell you that it’s a wedding website [by Anthropologie]. Which is funny for a couple reasons: 1) A wedding is not on the calendar for any time soon and 2) When a wedding is on the calendar it’ll be a destination wedding in the beautiful nation of Greece meaning that all the beautiful things on this website probably won’t be making their way into there too. Regardless, I love browsing on the website every now and then.

Recently, I found these items that I thought would be so fun to have for the home.

A metal hot air balloon. Perfect for holding all of the incoming mail. It’s decor and functional! What more could you ask for?

$58 at BLHDN

Right now, I’m a little bit obsessed with candles. I want them lit all the time! Day time or night time – I just love the atmosphere they create. I love the number candle holder. It’s simple, yet the trained vine gives it some beautiful detail. My favorite number is 3- so if you’re wondering what to get me for a present anytime soon– there you go!

$10 on Bhldn

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Small Beginnings

Take me to Barnes & Noble and beyond a shadow of a doubt you can guarantee that within seconds I’ll be in my favorite section: The Self -Help section. That’s right. Don’t ask me why, my only guess is that it’s due to the fact that my degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. My last trip to B&N I stumbled upon a book full of wisdom. I read that successful people write down their accomplishments and put them where they can see them.

My thought: Brilliant.

Naturally, I decided that I too must write down my accomplishments.

Weeks ago I had bought a huge piece of plywood with no rhyme or reason for it. Luckily for the plywood it finally found purpose: It’d be my board of accomplishments. A couple of coats of chalk paint later and it was transformed into a blank canvas waiting to hold the things that I was proud of.

As I started sifting through my memories trying to think of my accomplishments throughout life I realized why people who write down their accomplishments are successful. They are motivated by the fact that they have already have accomplishments on their record to be proud of, knowing that there is still a whole life in front of them waiting for them to accomplish things far greater than what they’ve already done.

On the verge of turning twenty-five I have a whole to do list for my life of things that I want to accomplish. I’ll be honest, some days it’s a little overwhelming and the thought crosses through my head “Am I really ever going do this?”

I mean my list has some pretty big things on it including:
Start a magazine.
Own a coffee shop.
Write a book (or two).
Throw a benefit concert in the middle of Central Park.
Host a national conference.
Start a non-profit that rescues women out of sex trafficking.

The list continues.

After filling my blank canvas with some of my accomplishments, I suddenly felt empowered. I’ve lived a quarter of life and I have quite a few things I can say I’m proud of.

I’ve learned to play the piano. I got my real estate license. I threw my first benefit concert in college and raised $500 for the She Rescue Home. I learned Photoshop. I planned Orphan for a Night a nation wide event that raised thousands of dollars for orphan projects. I’ve graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The list goes on.

My mother always says, “The best is yet to come.” So, with that said, the things on our list of accomplishments is only the beginning. The best is still on its ways because we are constantly growing and changing. As we get older: we obtain more wisdom, add and sharpen our skill sets, fail a time or two and learn from our mistakes, overcome obstacles and gain strength, and gain experience.

Whoever you are: you’re human. [Genius statement: I know.] Which means this: You have dreams, goals, and visions. And if you are normal, you have a desire to be successful.

So let me break down my new theory for you:
Instead of getting overwhelmed by the vagueness of the future, find confidence in the fact that you’ve already accomplished great things [whether big or small].

Life, take it one day at time, one step at a time. You still have your whole life a head of you to cross things off your life to do list.

My dad always tells me: “Lindsey, don’t despise small beginnings.” Small beginnings is how we get to greatness.

I leave you with this: Take time to recognize your accomplishments. Write them down. Be motivated and encourage by what you’ve done, knowing that those accomplishments are the ones that are going to propel you to do bigger and greater things in the future.

Believe in yourself. Remember your accomplishments. [And] Dream on.

Be confident in this: That he who began a good work in you will carry it on to the completion. [Philippians 1.6]

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Stripes & Spectacles

My two latest obsessions: Stripes & Spectacles.

In fact, I’m currently adorned in my stripes and spectacles sipping on my creme soda. I don’t know what it is about stripes that fascinate me– but they do. And spectacles, well those are just a way of life for me… at least since the 4th grade when I realized I couldn’t see the chalkboard.

I thought I’d share my latest obsession with you? Are you ready?

Let’s start with stripes for your wardrobe. 

Via Vogue & Coffee

This would be the perfect traveling outfit! I imagine myself on a train getting ready to head off on a Roman Holiday in this. Sidenote: You should always look your best while traveling. You never know who you are gonna meet!

This dress is so primavera (that’s Italian for Spring!) And come Spring, you can find me roaming the streets of the middle of somewhere in a dress like this!!

Via Say Yes to Hoboken

The perfect combination of stripes and spectacles- don’t you think? Simple, sophisticated, lovely. What else could you want?

ViaPixie Market

Two words: IN LOVE. It’s old school yet something new. It’s definitely not the “norm”, but it’s too cute to deny!

This is perfection! For work! For Date Night! For a night out with your girls!

I’m loving stripes right now– and also colored pants! This is a lovely combination, agreed? So chic.

Next up: Stripes for your estate (or your apartment). 

Via Apartment Therapy 

I adore this. Black and White. Simple and Chick. Thick and Thin.

Via Design Your Walls

Please tell me that you are falling in love with stripes on the walls too? I think this is so classy. I can envision it in my third story apartment already!

So while this may be a children’s room- I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to do this in my room! 1) It’s stripes! 2) A chalkboard wall– it’s like heaven!

Ready to take your estate to the next level? Get rid of the blaze’ (pronounced: blah-ze) chair coverings you got- and refurbish them with stripes!

This couch: It’s to die for! It’s beautiful and such a great statement piece! Mark my words, I’ll be finding a couch like this for my future estate.

Now that I’ve planted ideas of stripes for your home- it’s time to move on to:

Stripes and Beauty Products 

Oh hello,  nautical nails!

Via Polyvore

If you aren’t feeling brave enough to do all your nails in stripes- try doing accent nails. Translation: Pick one nail on each hand to paint in stripes. I promise, you’ll love it.

Via Polyvore

I love this combination. Little Nail Tip: You can get nail pens almost anywhere so if you don’t feel confident in your nail painting skills- fret not, you can “draw” the stripes on.

So stripes and spectacles- What do you think? In love?

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Life in Teale.

One of the Third Story Apartment’s favorite colors is indeed: Teale. Life is simply grand in Teale. It’s elegant, vintage, and sophisticated.

Love  Love Love. A favorite part in this room aside from the Teale walls– is the frames hanging by ribbon. [Via Tudorks]

This dining room is divine. The mixture of yellow with teale is perfection. It’s bright, yet sophisticated. [Via: Tudorks]

What a dream! Waking up in this room every mornings has to be simply delightful. [Design by: Kendal Wilkinson]

And now for a little Teale at the office. I’ve been wanting a chalkboard for who knows how long. However, none that I stumbled upon seemed to have that “it” factor. It wasn’t long before I thought to myself, “I’ll just make one”… So a couple coats of paint later I have one of my favorite things. [Made by: Third Story Apartment]

Storage. Storage. Storage. It seems like you never have enough room for all the books and miscellaneous. My office space was getting pretty cluttered. I decided it was time to take action. So I got some drawers worked some magic and created cabinets out of drawers. Needless to say, they are now a favorite of mine, cute and functional. [Made by: Third Story Apartment]

So I wanted to create a little life in my office space. I found these cute little jars at Walmart and decided to fill them with Bubbles and chocolates. And of course… one must always have flower on their desk. My love for creme soda came in to play, as I used the old soda bottle as a vase. Viola! Life in Teale. [Made by: Third Story Apartment]

Be Inspired + Create.