Shopping for Lulu

One word: Shopping!

It’s one of my favorite things to do. Which is honestly a shocker for some of my childhood friends. If you sat down and had a conversation with them– they’d tell you that I was the one who hated shopping as a child. Every Christmas season my best friend Kelley’s family would take a shopping trip up to Costa Mesa it was marvelous! That was until I reached a certain age and couldn’t stand going to stores. Literally, I dreaded it. It was pure torture. Looking back I think that it was because at the age of 11 I started getting curvey while my best friend and sisters were size double zero. I had no idea how to dress for my body type. It was disastrous and unfortunately I have pictures to prove it. Down the road, something changed. As I got older- I started embracing my curves and realized that I had to adopt a style that fit my body type. Fifteen years later, my love for the stores has returned.

Moving on.

While I love shopping for myself, some days I love just going to the stores with my girls and picking out things for them to try on. One of my favorites to shop for is Lulu, one of my very best friends!

She’s a doll. See?

[Left: Lulu , Right: Me! Kiss kiss!]

It’s been about a year since we’ve lived in the same city. We’ve both relocated to opposite sides of the country. So it’s been a day or two since we’ve been able to go shopping together. I thought in the spirit of pretending to be in the same city I thought I’d go online shopping for her and pick out some things for her. Lulus is the type of person who could vitally take on an style and rock it! She is the cutest thing! Literally, she’s always willing to try on anything!

Here are my finds!


Bird Call Belted Dress via Necessary Clothing – $26.99

Mira Blouse Sky Blue ┬ávia Necessary Clothing – $27.99

Black Sunken Ship Shorts via Necessary Clothing – $19.99

Lauren Lace Shorts via Necessary Clothing – $34.99

Vest via H&M – $34.95

Blythe Blouse in Silk via J Crew – $110

Peplum Ponte Tank via Anthropologie – $78

Sharlene Halter Jumpsuit via Anthropologie – $138

Embroidered Blush Tank via Bloom Downtown – $78

Polka Dot Collared Tank via Bloom Downtown – $58

Rocking and a Reelin Skirt via Modcloth – $27.99

Alright-that’s it for tonight! What are some of your places for online shopping?! I’d love to hear your secret spots!


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Message in an Egg

It’s pretty much a known fact that all my dearest friends are spread out all across the United States… and world. From the North East, to the South of Flordia, to the midwest, and soon I’ll have one in South America, Ecuador to be exact. Every now and then I get in these kicks where I’m all about snail mail. Lately, I’ve been feeling motivated to do something special for all dear friends spread across the world. I stumbled across this little idea and fell in love: a simple message packaged in an egg. It goes without saying that I’ll be trying this idea soon.


Via Oh, the Lovely Things

What kind of mail do you like to send/receive?

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