Life in Teale.

One of the Third Story Apartment’s favorite colors is indeed: Teale. Life is simply grand in Teale. It’s elegant, vintage, and sophisticated.

Love ┬áLove Love. A favorite part in this room aside from the Teale walls– is the frames hanging by ribbon. [Via Tudorks]

This dining room is divine. The mixture of yellow with teale is perfection. It’s bright, yet sophisticated. [Via: Tudorks]

What a dream! Waking up in this room every mornings has to be simply delightful. [Design by: Kendal Wilkinson]

And now for a little Teale at the office. I’ve been wanting a chalkboard for who knows how long. However, none that I stumbled upon seemed to have that “it” factor. It wasn’t long before I thought to myself, “I’ll just make one”… So a couple coats of paint later I have one of my favorite things. [Made by: Third Story Apartment]

Storage. Storage. Storage. It seems like you never have enough room for all the books and miscellaneous. My office space was getting pretty cluttered. I decided it was time to take action. So I got some drawers worked some magic and created cabinets out of drawers. Needless to say, they are now a favorite of mine, cute and functional. [Made by: Third Story Apartment]

So I wanted to create a little life in my office space. I found these cute little jars at Walmart and decided to fill them with Bubbles and chocolates. And of course… one must always have flower on their desk. My love for creme soda came in to play, as I used the old soda bottle as a vase. Viola! Life in Teale. [Made by: Third Story Apartment]

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