Message in an Egg

It’s pretty much a known fact that all my dearest friends are spread out all across the United States… and world. From the North East, to the South of Flordia, to the midwest, and soon I’ll have one in South America, Ecuador to be exact. Every now and then I get in these kicks where I’m all about snail mail. Lately, I’ve been feeling motivated to do something special for all dear friends spread across the world. I stumbled across this little idea and fell in love: a simple message packaged in an egg. It goes without saying that I’ll be trying this idea soon.


Via Oh, the Lovely Things

What kind of mail do you like to send/receive?

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Finds from Bhldn

Bhldn. Have you heard of it? It’s one of my favorite websites. I should tell you that it’s a wedding website [by Anthropologie]. Which is funny for a couple reasons: 1) A wedding is not on the calendar for any time soon and 2) When a wedding is on the calendar it’ll be a destination wedding in the beautiful nation of Greece meaning that all the beautiful things on this website probably won’t be making their way into there too. Regardless, I love browsing on the website every now and then.

Recently, I found these items that I thought would be so fun to have for the home.

A metal hot air balloon. Perfect for holding all of the incoming mail. It’s decor and functional! What more could you ask for?

$58 at BLHDN

Right now, I’m a little bit obsessed with candles. I want them lit all the time! Day time or night time – I just love the atmosphere they create. I love the number candle holder. It’s simple, yet the trained vine gives it some beautiful detail. My favorite number is 3- so if you’re wondering what to get me for a present anytime soon– there you go!

$10 on Bhldn

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