The Lace Gift

Well, wedding season is back again. This past weekend my roommate from the third story apartment had a bridal shower. For those of you who have not yet entered the world of reading gift registries- let me tell you… it’s a mental workout! After a good 37 minutes of wandering the store looking for aisle C82 and an obscure item number- I finally had my gifts and was ready for checkout. Proud of myself for feeling as if I conquered the registry I mindlessly swiped my credit card and within seconds realized I has forgotten to purchase gift bags! Shame on me! Right? With no time to spare, I headed back to the third story apartment and found my secret stash of fabric! A little teale covered with lace and violá! The spare fabric had found its new purpose: my wrapping. So next time you are out and about and forget gift bags just think about what materials you have stored away in your house that will work as a unique wrapping.


Be inspired + Create


Two 99 Pushpins

Gifts. I feel like the older you get the more gifts become a way of life. Between all the bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby showers, and birthdays – there is always a gift looming around the corner waiting to be given. With that said, I wanted to start getting a little creative in my gift giving this year. So naturally, I came to the conclusion to start making some gifts.

My beautiful friend Tara turned 23 this year. I wish that all of you could meet her because she has the most inspiring and beautiful story. I wanted to give her something that had meaning to it. So after a quick meeting with Megan via g-chat (Sidenote: Megan is my dear friend who adores putting creativity to work) – we decided to get some pushpins, string, and plywood and create a masterpiece.

After rummaging through my apartment for spare plywood (And yes, I really do have spare plywood lying around in my third story apartment) and a quick Walmart run- we were ready for a midnight project.

The supplies:
Plywood, Chalkpaint, Projector, Pencil, Pushpins, String, and a hammer for those of you like Megan who like to be quick and efficient. Oh yes, and also, add to the list: M&M’s and Chris Brown Music.

After a few coats of chalk paint my plywood was ready to be transformed into a little masterpiece. I found a beautiful font that I loved and projected the word COURAGEOUS onto the plywood. After that, the Chris Brown music got turned up and the tracing began.

Sidenote: Megan and I chose this word because we felt like it described Tara perfectly. In the past few months especially, Tara has truly exemplified what it means to live courageously.  I’m quite sure that if you sat down with her over a cup of coffee you’d think the same thing.

Next was putting pushpins to plywood.


Two Hundred Ninety Nine pushpins later…


After the “manual labor” portion of the project- it was all about wrapping the string around the pushpins… 12 times.

A special thank you to Chris Brown + JoJo for the musical entertainment and of course Luke [Megan’s hilarious husband] for all the comedy during this process.


4 hours, a bag of M&M’s, a few popsicles, a ball of string, and 299 pushpins later…. Viola’!


The finished product thanks to all the help of my girls: Megan and Mine’ [That’s pronounced: Me-nay. She’s Turkish!]

Happy Birthday my sweet Tara Baby.

Be Inspired + Create.