A Reminder for Self

Saturday afternoon I went on a little afternoon outing with my pops. After our coffee date I convinced him that we ought to stop by one of my favorite places: the bookstore. Without much thought, I headed straight to the “Self-Help” section of the store where I always find a treasure. This day was no exception. After browsing the shelves for something that stuck out, I found a little black book entitled “Steal Like An Artist” by Austin Kleon. As I was flipping through the black and white pages I was certain that this book had to become a part of my personal library.

Whether you are an artist, a student, a business person, or a stay at home parent– do yourself a favor and go buy this book. It’s a book about creativity that will inspire and challenge you to take life to the next level.

In his book, Kleon writes: “Take time to mess around. Get Lost. Wander. You never know where it might lead you.” I fell in love with this quote. It’s something that I need to remind myself of every now and then. I am a lover of creativity and thrive off it, however, at the same time I am the queen of to-do-lists. It’s easy to get caught up crossing things off the lists. Every couple of months I get in this place I like to call “The Funk”, where I feel completely uninspired and drained from work. When I take time to actually look up from my little computer screen and little black book of to-do-lists I realize that I’ve given myself no room to be inspired because I’ve been working to cross things off list and not allowing myself to get lost and explore. It’s all about balance. Structure is good and it’s needed to get things accomplished. However, I’m noticing that if I wanna stay out of getting in “funks” then I better be taking time to get lost along the way of my structured schedule.

I’ve always been taught to write things down and put them where you can see them to remind you of things. So, I decided that this quote ought to be no exception. I created a little poster to hang in my room to remind myself to allow exploring to become a priority in life.

So here it is.

Let it serve as a challenge to you as well.

Be Inspired + Create


Lights Will Guide You Home

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
[Fix you by Coldplay]

So to start off- If you haven’t heard “Fix You” by Coldplay- you need to get on that right away!! It is an amazingly beautiful song- but let’s be honest- anything that Coldplay produces is simply brilliant.

Moving on- lately, The Third Story Apartment has been fascinated by lights. So, I thought it’d be only be fair to show some of my obsessions when it comes to lights.

I’ll be honest- I have no words for this: other than “I LOVE”. I think it has to be one of the most unique light fixtures I’ve seen- and for that- I love it. Just maybe, I’ll try and recreate it. FYI: That’s a big maybe.
Via Hello Friend

Old milk bottles turned into a light fixture- what’s not to love? If I move offices any time soon – I’ll tell you one thing – these lights will be apart of the decor!

So very industrial- and anthro!

In the event that I had a little girl named Adelaide, this magical castle would definitely be in her room. And I think she’d simply love it. Simply magical.

This is so picture perfect. Farewell to your typical hanging lighting- and hello to a wax chandelier! Lovely, right?

Can’t you imagine these lights in your kitchen? I think if i lived in a modern-esk home I’d install these lights. They make everything seem so fresh. These lights definitely have my stamp of approval. A little DIY idea- just thinkin out loud here- but if you wanted to recreate this- but didn’t wanna spend the big bucks- get some light cords from Ikea and different size bulbs- and viola’!
Via Design Idesas Daily

It’s a little out there- and maybe a little unconventional, but these plastic milk gallon lights make for an eye catching light fixture. The possibilities are endless. Create a chandelier or hang them from the ceiling at different lengths. Now these lights may not be your first option to decorate your home- but for all you out there who design displays- this lighting idea might be the perfect option to grab attention!

One word (okay, maybe two): brilliant + phenomenal.
I just LOVE all the lights. There is beauty in the chaos. Lanterns, chandeliers, clear lights, small lights, big lights… It’s all there.

 Third Story Apartment has compiled a little playlist to go along with the theme of lights- enjoy!
Bight Lights _ Ben Rector
Turn Your Lights Down Low _ Colbie Caillat
When The Lights Go Down _ Ernie Halter
Gravity _ John Mayer
Leave the Light On _ Pricilla Ahn
Fix You _ Coldplay
Light My Candle _ Rent
The Light _ Sara Bareilles

Be Inspired + Create

Take A Risk.

Today: Live with courage- take a risk.

One Republic wrote, “Oh this has got to be the good life, This could really be a good life.” This is the good life. Life is what you make of it. So today, step out, live with courage, and take a risk. Life ought to be an adventure. Our lives are stories waiting to be written, and YOU have the ability to write and shape your story. So what will you do today to write a story of adventure?

No one great ever accomplished anything by being “comfortable”. All the great men and women that we hear about all had something in common: they took a risk. You see, comfortability is poison. Don’t let the fear of being “uncomfortable” paralyze you from living the life you always imagined. We all have dreams and desires inside of us that are a little… intimidating and maybe even nerve wracking to think about stepping towards. Maybe your dream is to move across the world and do international projects, start a business, write a book, or impact the world through music (obviously the list could continue but you get the picture). We think to ourselves “But what if I fail?”. Here’s a proposal- If you fail. Okay. So you failed. You learned a thing or two- and so you pick yourself back up and try again. But here’s a question- What if you don’t fail? What if you succeed?

The world is waiting for people to take risks. To show them how to really live life to the fullest. To inspire them. Will you be the risk taker that they look to?

Be Inspired + Create

The Tea Party

A tea party.
They’ve been around since the the 1600’s.
And perhaps one of the most sophisticated social events to attend.
It’s the event where one brings out the fancy china and prepares delightful gourmet pastries.

The Third Story Apartment has dreamt up the perfect primavera tea party…

Now, the location would be outside. Somewhere whimsical and dreamy.

Via Green Wedding Shoes

Of course the china would be inspired by florals… after all its spring.

Via Tea and Whimsey

The desserts would be divine. Red Velvet Cupcakes with Creme Cheese Frosting is a must. Perhaps, some blueberry scones…

and you could be sure that we would serve chocolate covered strawberries that are to die for.

As for attire, it is a must that the attendee’s come dressed for the occasion, adorned in beautiful dresses, fancy hats, and jewelry.

Via Green Wedding Shoes

This social gathering will be delightful… after all what is life without community?

Be inspired + Create

J’adore la vie Française

There has always been a fascination with the french way of life. Recently, the Third Story Apartment has stumbled upon a french artist, Yann Tiersen, who has captivated us and won our hearts. Tiersen is a musician and composer whose brilliance is not only shown through his music, but also experienced. Tiersen creates an alternate world with his music, using the piano, violin, and accordian, as well as a wide range of other instruments. As his fingers move across the black and white keys of the piano he takes you to a dream world, forcing you to wish you were there. His music tells a story and one can imagine that these are the components within it…

Favorites from Yann Tiersen
Summer 78 | Naval | La Valse D’amelie [Piano Version] | J’y Suis Jamais Alle |Comptine D’un Autre Eté / L’après-Midi

Be inspired + Create.

Ooo lala! Primavera!

Its time to celebrate the spring weather with some music to fit the season. So the Third Story Apartment has compiled a playlist to get you in the mood for this splendid weather. Music move the soul. So be moved and create.

Sun Hands _ Local Native
Folding Chair _ Regina Spektor
Parachute _ Ingrid Michaelson
Hey Soul Sister _ Glee Cast
Radioactive _ Kings of Leon
You Got Me _ Colbie Caillat
Black and God _ Sam Sparro
New Shoes _ Paolo Nutini
Loving You Is Easy _ Ben Rector
Sparks Fly _ Taylor Swift
Pick Up Truck _ Kings of Leon
Electric Twist _ A Fine Frenzy
Good Life _ One Republic
Looks So Easy _ Dave Barnes
What I Wouldn’t Do _ A Fine Frenzy
Slo Mo _ Steve Moakler
Good Day _ Tally Hall
Edge of Desire (Apartment Sessions) _ John Mayer
Summerboy _ Lady Gaga

Sidenote: Spring is about rebirth, renewal, and regrowth.

With that said let these things be the ones that fill your spring days:

Discover Life.

Via Marie Claire Magazine

Explore the world around you.

Via Marie Claire Magazine

Be Bold. Try new things.

Via Marie Claire Magazine

Welcome new things and new ideas.

Be a free spirit.

Be a daydreamer.

Run after adventure.

Via Louis Vuitton

Be inspired + Create.

A World of Color

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

[Pablo Picasso]

Let’s talk: watercolors.

Truly delightful. They are perfect for just a cozy art day, art sessions with the little ones, or even to add an extra element to your designs. Be inspired + Create.

Life ought to be colorful.

Design By: Katie O’Toole

KTO is a designer/photographer for Go She is a little busy bee. Always creating something. She made this design into little cards for all her co-workers one Monday morning. Simply lovely.

Art party in the park with the little ones… Simply divine. Their creativity is endless.


Design by: Dodge Pangburn

Dodge-ly designed this logo for Go International’s benefit art exhibit this past February. The night was called “Created to Create [Change]. Love his use of water colors. He’s simply brilliant.

Oh to be in Paris via watercolors! Ooo lala!

via Samantha Hahn

Design by: Gabby Vonigas

My dear dear Gabby is in love with water colors. She decided that a plain journal just wouldn’t do… so what did she do? She got some water colors and did some cutting… and viola!

Design by: Gabby Vonigas

La bella vita.

Design by: Katie O’Toole

This pieces hangs on the door outside of KTO’s office. Love it. Cheers.