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One of the most frequently asked questions in the life of Lindsey Eryn is: “Are you still in college?” I always chuckle to myself when I get asked this question– cause the response that follows is this: “No, I actually work at a college.”

As a college graduate I was very ambitious– I had a whole plan of what was going to happen. That plan included moving across the world to the nation of Zambia with my dear friend Erica. While it may seem completely random to some- it made complete sense to my 22 year old self. I was determined to start a rescue home for girls who were enslaved. However, as it tends to happen in life, my plans got switched up. I somehow found myself moving from Tulsa to San Diego and then back to Tulsa. To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed in myself for not making it very far from my “launching pad”. However, I was determined to make the most of life. In 2009 I teamed up with Go International as a Public Relations intern. The plan was to intern in Tulsa for one year then high tail it out of here to the east coast, Boston to be exact. Yet once again, my grand plan got delayed.

So there I was. One year out of college, still in my college town in the middle of somewhere Oklahoma, and working at a non-profit. Well at this point in the story, Mother and Father Clark decided that it was time for me to start “riding the bike of life by myself”. Translation: To be become financially independent. Mind you, they decided this without me. So with no desire to join the corporate world, I thought I’d get a head start preparing for motherhood and become a nanny. The plan was genius. I nannied in the morning, worked for the non profit in the afternoons, the nannied til the wee hours of the night. I was living the life- the dream.

Two years later, I realized that my nanny salary was not funding my “extravagant” life style of traveling the world and the outdoor malls of California. Not to mention, that I started feeling like a part-time mother at the age of 24 with no benefits (aka social life or husband). My realization pushed me out of my comfort zone and on a trek to find “the perfect job”. The search was on and quiet frankly it was difficult. Why? Typical Lindsey: I had strict standards of what kind of job I wanted. After countless job interviews and several trips to Sephora (Sidenote: I purchase make up when I’m having a “tough” day), I finally found a company or rather a college that I fell in love with.

I woke up a few days later and found myself with a stack of business cards and a doorplate that read: “Lindsey Clark, BS Human Resources Assistant”. (Sidenote: BS stands for Bachelors of Science– however- I’m not gonna lie, when I ordered my transcript from my Alma Mater, I discovered that I have a Bachelors of Arts. Who would have thought! Minor details, right?) I was in the cooperate world and in love.

So here I am. Eight months later. I’m a Human Resources Assistant (among many other titles) at a college in Tulsa the middle of somewhere Oklahoma. (This wasn’t the “vision”, but all good stories have a few unexpected twists and turns.) With a newfound love for all things HR-I’ve come to the conclusion to start a little blog as my “corporate outlet”. The title: HR-ologie.

I’ve been working on a couple design pieces for the blog and I thought that it was only fitting to share with none other than you.

I have another new theory: I think that Human Resources is more than just for the corporate world. I think that we ought to implement Human Resources into our daily lives.

Don’t worry, I’ll expand on that thought later.

For now,

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