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19 Months Later

I woke up this morning with the odd feeling that I should begin writing again. To be honest, I thought it was such a funny thought to think. After all, I spend the majority of my days and nights writing fashion blogs for Coast to Coast Central. However, if there is one thing I have learned in life it’s this: Always follow the still soft voice.

The prime example of that is this blog, Third Story Apartment.

I have always had a deep love for written words. Well, except for a couple years in college when I wrote more research papers than ought to be legal. However, after college, I  developed a love for writing. While my writings may not have been the most eloquent or grammatically correct, I found a certain thrill in expressing thoughts and ideas on paper. At some point along the line, I decided that I wanted to write a book and start a magazine. What my book would be about, well, the topic was undecided. While I was no where near becoming a published writer or becoming the editor and chief of a prestigious magazine, I knew that I needed to start somewhere. A blog seemed like the perfect start. Without much knowledge of what I was getting myself into, I started this blog, Third Story Apartment.

As I began to write, I gave myself pep talks. Yes, it’s true. I give myself pep talks regularly. But, that’s besides the point.

I told myself that if one day I expected to be running an internationally known magazine then I ought to start practicing producing content now. I began blocking out time everyday to write. I put together a writing schedule, put it on the calendar, and kept myself accountable. I wrote about things that interested me: art, dreams, life, adventure, travel, fashion, creativity, and God.

Little did I know what I was actually preparing myself for.

Four years later, I am beyond grateful that I followed my heart + listened to the still soft voice that told me to start a blog. While Third Story Apartment never had a big following or audience, it was preparing me for something bigger. At the time, I thought it was preparation for a future book or magazine, but in reality the blog was preparation for something I didn’t see yet – Coast to Coast Central. Through starting Third Story Apartment, I learned to write, produce, and explore. It taught me to create something out of nothing, to be diligent, and to never put a limit on creativity.

To end, I’ll say this:

As cliché as it sounds, listen to your heart. Do not underestimate the little nudges you get in the depths of your soul. Be okay with the illogical. Allow yourself the freedom to act even if you do not know the answer to why you are doing it. I have found, that often it is the “illogical doings” that are preparing us for what the future holds. So, darling, take heart. Do not despise your small beginnings. You are in the process of being prepared for what has already been prepared for you.



P.S. As for the fate of Third Story Apartment… It’s still unknown. But, I am willing to follow through with something a little illogical to see where it takes me.

Your Story Is Unique. Embrace It.

Every decade of your life has a theme. I’ve come to the conclusion that the theme for my twenties is probably actually my life theme. Which is this: Your Story is Unique. Embrace it.

If you’re like me, every once in awhile you get in these “funks”. Where you think everyone around you is progressing in life and you are “lagging” behind. A couple summers ago I got really into running. Every night I had a date with the pavement. I treasured them because I always had life revelations. Usually I went running by myself because it was good thinking- I could run as long as I wanted without worrying about anyone. However, being the extrovert that I am one night I invited a friend to go running with me. The whole run we kept a similar pace, at points I’d be in the lead and then at other points she’d take the lead. I remember distinctly at one point in my run my friend was a couple paces a head of me– and I heard that still soft voice say “Your life is unique. Embrace It. Don’t look at where you are at in life and compare it to where someone else is at. Everyone’s journey is different.” The night’s run was an analogy for life. Just like that night’s run where there were times my friend was “ahead” of me or I was “ahead” of her  – we are two different people with different strengths and abilities. While the hill we encountered was a breeze for me, I watched her take a little bit longer to conquer it. Though we ran the same course- we were two different people who were having two completely different experiences during that run.

The same is for life. Yes, we are all on this earth together but each of us have different experiences. That’s what makes life so beautiful. Call it human nature or whatever you want, but for some reason we as humans sometimes get in the mindset that life is a race and treat it like competition. We get in the comparison game so easily. On the outside looking in we see someone’s life “taking off” and we wonder why ours seem so “stagnant”. Ever been there?

Lord knows I have. Living in Tulsa, Oklahoma for seven years it was easy to play that game. I’d see my friends leave Tulsa and head for big cities across the world and I’d wonder why on earth the Lord wasn’t re-locating me to some extravagant place like New York City. Often times, especially at the beginning and end of my time in Tulsa I questioned if God knew what He was doing. I’d question why I was “waisting” my time there. If you think about it– it’s kinda funny. I mean, I was questioning the creator of the Universe.

Time for a little Biblical side note:

I love the conversation that the Lord has with Job it completely applies to this.

Ready? This is what the Lord says:

“Where were you when I created the earth? Tell me, since you know so much! Who decided on it’s size? Certainly you’ll know that. Who came up with the blueprints and measurements? How was its foundation poured, and who set the cornerstone while the morning stars sang in chorus and all the angels shouted praise? And who took charge of the ocean when it gushed forth like a baby from a womb? That was me! I wrapped it in soft clouds, and tucked it in safely at night. Have you ordered every Morning, ‘Get up!’ told Dawn, ‘Get to work!’ Do you know where Light comes from and where Darkness lives so you can take them by the hand and lead them home when they get lost? Are you the one who gave the hours his prowess and adorned him with a shimmering mane? Did you create him to prance proudly and strike terror with his royal snorts? Was to through your know-how that the hawk learned to fly, soaring effortless on thermal updrafts? Did you command the eagle’s flight, and teach her to build her nest in the heights, perfectly at home on the high cliff face? I am in charge of all this – I run this universe!”

[Job 38-41]

Major conviction, right? We question God as if we know better, yet He is the one who came up with the blueprints for the world we live in. Lord knows, if Leonardo Da Vince were still on this earth I would never try to tell him how to create a masterpiece. art was his area of expertise. In the same way, God’s forte is intricately weaving all the details of our lives together in order to create a beautiful masterpiece.

So here is my challenge to not only myself but to you as well:

Let us begin embracing where we are in our lives. Let’s not miss out or discount our stories by comparing our lives to others. Let’s experience life to the fullest by embracing the fact that our stories are unique and trusting that our God, creator for the Universe, is working out every detail of our lives into a brilliant masterpiece.

Be Inspired + Create

And These are the Moments I Love

Do you ever see photos and wish that you could just be in that moment? I grew up on Anne of Green Gables which instilled this dreamer part of me. Lately, I’ve seen so many beautiful photographs that I wish I could just jump in for a moment in time.

These are some of my favorites.

I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.

[Rosalia de Castro]

We should come home from adventures, and perils, and discoveries everyday with new experiences and character.

[Henry David Thoreau]

Diana Barry: I wish I were rich, and I could spend the whole summer at a hotel, eating ice cream and chicken salad.
Anne Shirley: You know something, Diana? We are rich. We have sixteen years to our credit, and we both have wonderful imaginations. We should be as happy as queens.
[gestures to the setting sun]
Anne Shirley: Look at that. You couldn’t enjoy its loveliness more if you had ropes of diamonds.

[Anne of Green Gables]

via Little Kay

Perhaps, after all, romance did not come into one’s life with pomp and blare, like a gay knight riding down; perhaps it crept to one’s side like an old friend through quiet ways; perhaps it revealed itself in seeming prose, until some sudden shaft of illumination flung athwart its pages betrayed the rhythm and the music; perhaps . . . perhaps . . . love unfolded naturally out of a beautiful friendship, as a golden-hearted rose slipping from its green sheath.

[L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea]

via The Sweetest Ocassion 

Anne Shirley: Would you please call me Cordelia?

[Anne of Green Gables]

True friends are always together in spirit.

[Anne of Green Gables]

The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and real and change and grow and love and live.

[Leo F. Buscagilia]

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A Reminder for Self

Saturday afternoon I went on a little afternoon outing with my pops. After our coffee date I convinced him that we ought to stop by one of my favorite places: the bookstore. Without much thought, I headed straight to the “Self-Help” section of the store where I always find a treasure. This day was no exception. After browsing the shelves for something that stuck out, I found a little black book entitled “Steal Like An Artist” by Austin Kleon. As I was flipping through the black and white pages I was certain that this book had to become a part of my personal library.

Whether you are an artist, a student, a business person, or a stay at home parent– do yourself a favor and go buy this book. It’s a book about creativity that will inspire and challenge you to take life to the next level.

In his book, Kleon writes: “Take time to mess around. Get Lost. Wander. You never know where it might lead you.” I fell in love with this quote. It’s something that I need to remind myself of every now and then. I am a lover of creativity and thrive off it, however, at the same time I am the queen of to-do-lists. It’s easy to get caught up crossing things off the lists. Every couple of months I get in this place I like to call “The Funk”, where I feel completely uninspired and drained from work. When I take time to actually look up from my little computer screen and little black book of to-do-lists I realize that I’ve given myself no room to be inspired because I’ve been working to cross things off list and not allowing myself to get lost and explore. It’s all about balance. Structure is good and it’s needed to get things accomplished. However, I’m noticing that if I wanna stay out of getting in “funks” then I better be taking time to get lost along the way of my structured schedule.

I’ve always been taught to write things down and put them where you can see them to remind you of things. So, I decided that this quote ought to be no exception. I created a little poster to hang in my room to remind myself to allow exploring to become a priority in life.

So here it is.

Let it serve as a challenge to you as well.

Be Inspired + Create

Love Does

Over the past couple months I’ve seen some buzz via Twitter about Bob Goff’s book Love Does. I’ve been interested in reading it, however regardless the countless number of trips to Barnes and Noble it always slipped my mind to pick up a copy. Monday, was the exception. After stopping by my office (aka Starbucks) and getting a few emails sent out and a Venti Iced Carmel Macchiato with a pump of White Chocolate Mocha, I finally found myself in the aisle marked “Christian Inspiration” of B&N.

A chapter into the book and I can tell that it’s going to be a good one. I mean the title alone is captivating and truth telling.

If I were to quit reading after that one chapter, I think I would have gotten the point of it…

And that’s this:

Live a fully engaged life. Choose to be a person who DOES instead of one who is always planning. There may not always be a “next time”. We are the means, the object, and the method that the Lord chooses to carry out His plan on earth. God can choose anyone and the beautiful thing is that He has chosen ordinary people. “We need to stop plotting the course and instead just land the plane on our plans to make a difference by getting to the “do” part of faith. That’s because love is never stationary. In the end love doesn’t use keep thinking about it or keep planning for it.”

Simply put: love does.

Find a need and do something about it.

So good. Right?

I have course have tons of thoughts floating through my head, but I’ll leave those for a later date. In the meantime,  if you’re wanting a good read stop by B&N and get a copy of this book otherwise I’ll keep you updated on what I think about the book!


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One of the most frequently asked questions in the life of Lindsey Eryn is: “Are you still in college?” I always chuckle to myself when I get asked this question– cause the response that follows is this: “No, I actually work at a college.”

As a college graduate I was very ambitious– I had a whole plan of what was going to happen. That plan included moving across the world to the nation of Zambia with my dear friend Erica. While it may seem completely random to some- it made complete sense to my 22 year old self. I was determined to start a rescue home for girls who were enslaved. However, as it tends to happen in life, my plans got switched up. I somehow found myself moving from Tulsa to San Diego and then back to Tulsa. To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed in myself for not making it very far from my “launching pad”. However, I was determined to make the most of life. In 2009 I teamed up with Go International as a Public Relations intern. The plan was to intern in Tulsa for one year then high tail it out of here to the east coast, Boston to be exact. Yet once again, my grand plan got delayed.

So there I was. One year out of college, still in my college town in the middle of somewhere Oklahoma, and working at a non-profit. Well at this point in the story, Mother and Father Clark decided that it was time for me to start “riding the bike of life by myself”. Translation: To be become financially independent. Mind you, they decided this without me. So with no desire to join the corporate world, I thought I’d get a head start preparing for motherhood and become a nanny. The plan was genius. I nannied in the morning, worked for the non profit in the afternoons, the nannied til the wee hours of the night. I was living the life- the dream.

Two years later, I realized that my nanny salary was not funding my “extravagant” life style of traveling the world and the outdoor malls of California. Not to mention, that I started feeling like a part-time mother at the age of 24 with no benefits (aka social life or husband). My realization pushed me out of my comfort zone and on a trek to find “the perfect job”. The search was on and quiet frankly it was difficult. Why? Typical Lindsey: I had strict standards of what kind of job I wanted. After countless job interviews and several trips to Sephora (Sidenote: I purchase make up when I’m having a “tough” day), I finally found a company or rather a college that I fell in love with.

I woke up a few days later and found myself with a stack of business cards and a doorplate that read: “Lindsey Clark, BS Human Resources Assistant”. (Sidenote: BS stands for Bachelors of Science– however- I’m not gonna lie, when I ordered my transcript from my Alma Mater, I discovered that I have a Bachelors of Arts. Who would have thought! Minor details, right?) I was in the cooperate world and in love.

So here I am. Eight months later. I’m a Human Resources Assistant (among many other titles) at a college in Tulsa the middle of somewhere Oklahoma. (This wasn’t the “vision”, but all good stories have a few unexpected twists and turns.) With a newfound love for all things HR-I’ve come to the conclusion to start a little blog as my “corporate outlet”. The title: HR-ologie.

I’ve been working on a couple design pieces for the blog and I thought that it was only fitting to share with none other than you.

I have another new theory: I think that Human Resources is more than just for the corporate world. I think that we ought to implement Human Resources into our daily lives.

Don’t worry, I’ll expand on that thought later.

For now,

Be Inspired + Create

Small Beginnings

Take me to Barnes & Noble and beyond a shadow of a doubt you can guarantee that within seconds I’ll be in my favorite section: The Self -Help section. That’s right. Don’t ask me why, my only guess is that it’s due to the fact that my degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. My last trip to B&N I stumbled upon a book full of wisdom. I read that successful people write down their accomplishments and put them where they can see them.

My thought: Brilliant.

Naturally, I decided that I too must write down my accomplishments.

Weeks ago I had bought a huge piece of plywood with no rhyme or reason for it. Luckily for the plywood it finally found purpose: It’d be my board of accomplishments. A couple of coats of chalk paint later and it was transformed into a blank canvas waiting to hold the things that I was proud of.

As I started sifting through my memories trying to think of my accomplishments throughout life I realized why people who write down their accomplishments are successful. They are motivated by the fact that they have already have accomplishments on their record to be proud of, knowing that there is still a whole life in front of them waiting for them to accomplish things far greater than what they’ve already done.

On the verge of turning twenty-five I have a whole to do list for my life of things that I want to accomplish. I’ll be honest, some days it’s a little overwhelming and the thought crosses through my head “Am I really ever going do this?”

I mean my list has some pretty big things on it including:
Start a magazine.
Own a coffee shop.
Write a book (or two).
Throw a benefit concert in the middle of Central Park.
Host a national conference.
Start a non-profit that rescues women out of sex trafficking.

The list continues.

After filling my blank canvas with some of my accomplishments, I suddenly felt empowered. I’ve lived a quarter of life and I have quite a few things I can say I’m proud of.

I’ve learned to play the piano. I got my real estate license. I threw my first benefit concert in college and raised $500 for the She Rescue Home. I learned Photoshop. I planned Orphan for a Night a nation wide event that raised thousands of dollars for orphan projects. I’ve graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The list goes on.

My mother always says, “The best is yet to come.” So, with that said, the things on our list of accomplishments is only the beginning. The best is still on its ways because we are constantly growing and changing. As we get older: we obtain more wisdom, add and sharpen our skill sets, fail a time or two and learn from our mistakes, overcome obstacles and gain strength, and gain experience.

Whoever you are: you’re human. [Genius statement: I know.] Which means this: You have dreams, goals, and visions. And if you are normal, you have a desire to be successful.

So let me break down my new theory for you:
Instead of getting overwhelmed by the vagueness of the future, find confidence in the fact that you’ve already accomplished great things [whether big or small].

Life, take it one day at time, one step at a time. You still have your whole life a head of you to cross things off your life to do list.

My dad always tells me: “Lindsey, don’t despise small beginnings.” Small beginnings is how we get to greatness.

I leave you with this: Take time to recognize your accomplishments. Write them down. Be motivated and encourage by what you’ve done, knowing that those accomplishments are the ones that are going to propel you to do bigger and greater things in the future.

Believe in yourself. Remember your accomplishments. [And] Dream on.

Be confident in this: That he who began a good work in you will carry it on to the completion. [Philippians 1.6]

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We live in a world full of superstars, paparrazi and are surrounded by fame everywhere we look.
We go to Hollywood hoping to see Brad Pitt.
Or to New York City- crossing our fingers that we see John Mayer on the streets.
We go to concerts wishing on the stars that  there is a small chance that we meet the famous celebrity.
We scream at the top of our lungs at every move the super star makes on stage-
standing in awe that we are in the presence of greatness and fame.
We go to the big churches of Sydney to sneak a photo of the musicians that usher us into the presense of God.

As I laid in bed last night tossing and turning a thought came to me: We are glorifying these people.
The people we glorify are normal human beings.
Sure, they may be attractive, talented, or whatever else comes to mind.
But at the end of the day… they are a normal person.
Strip away the paparrazi and the crazy fans and they are normal- just like your typical next door neighbor.
Sidenote: Some of you may have crazy neighbors- but they are the exception. Think: typical.
We go through life- and everyday we make these people more famous by singing their music, discussing how
brilliantly they played a role in a movie, or voicing our admiration for their humanitiarian efforts around the world.

Lady Gaga recently came to Tulsa, Oklahoma- and it was a big deal.
I mean really for anyone to come to Tulsa is a big deal, it’s Oklahoma we are talking about after all.
[Pause: I just wanna say special thank you to the BOK for creating a venue!]
As I watched a video of Lady Gaga’s the countdown to the opening performance I realized something:
Lady Gaga has created an empire for herself.
Whether you are 8 years old or 80 years old- you most likely know this superstar’s name.
The countdown began.
The crowd was roaring with cheers.
The spotlight turned on the superstar.
And there she stood.
Her voice boomed as she stood still, not moving a muscle.
Suddenly, within a blink of an eye- she moved.
She switched positions.
The crowd went wild.
Not because she did anything outrageous or really even noteworthy,
but because she moved.
She held her new position as she belted out the next verse.
And then BOOM.
She moved.
Again, the crowd went crazy as they cheered.

It struck me as a I sat there watching these videos of Lady Gaga’s performance: we glorify these people to an unreal and unncessary extent.

I think about the Justin Beiber movie that came out- and all the fans that cried in the presence of J Beibs.
Sitting in the movie theater watching scenes flicker across the screen of girls crying and hyperventaliting because they
were so excited to be in the same area as the 16 year old superstar.
There was one scene that left me completely bewildered.
A 13 year old girl had gotten so excited that she had trouble breathing.
The paramedics were called in order to aid the girl.

I do have a point and its this: I think our culture has begun glorifying people more than we glorify our God.
We wish upon the stars to be in the precense of our favorite celebrities,
hoping that if we are lucky enough we’ll get two seconds with them to shake their hand, tell them how amazing they are, get their autograph, and if we are really lucky maybe we’ll even get a photo.
We get so excited about being in their presence that some of us cry, jump up and down, scream at the top of our lungs, or whatever.
The funny thing is- is these people, these celebrities, that we are glorifying haven’t even done anything for us.
They are just a normal person putting their talent to use on a platform.
Here’s what I’m getting at- we have the opportunity to always be in the precense of God.
He’s done the most beautiful thing on our behalf.
Out of his extravagant love for us, he sent His one and only Son as a sacfrice so that we may experience freedom and live.
We ought to live to make HIS name famous- but are we?
Are we getting excited about being in his precense?
Is his mere presence bringing us to tears?
Are we glorifying him the way he deserves to be glorified?

I leave you with a challenge:
Live to make His name famous +
Glorify God in your every movement.

Be exalted, Oh God, above the heavens, let your glory be all over the earth.
Psalm 57:11

Be Inspired + Create

Resolve to Risk


They always get to me. Some type of “deep” revelation always comes when I’m sitting in airports. I suppose it’s all the free time I have to just think, people watch, read, and be alone.

Yesterday as I was flying back to my humble abode in the middle of somewhere [aka Tulsa, Oklahoma] I realized something: I’m a dreamer, I’m a fighter, I chase after life and adventure. Yet lately, I’ve been rolling with proverbial punches. I’ve allowed the  hustle and bustle of life to overwhelm me.

I wake up before dawn to get to work in the morning, grab a quick coffee somewhere around 2:08 pm, at the point, I’ll find a quaint little place to work for the non-profit [Go for those of you who were wondering!]. Usually around 6:30 or so I decide that it’s time to get some actual substance in my body, so I order take out, and then go back to working away.

I feel as if this the American way. We work and we work hard.

We get in a routine and somewhere along the line, we start rolling with the punches. We start letting circumstances take precedence over our hopes and dreams.

As I was flying home, I realized that I had gotten stuck in a routine and I wasn’t take anymore risks. I wasn’t dreaming and wasn’t fighting for what I wanted anymore. I was letting circumstances determine my life instead of CREATING the life that I’ve dreamt of. I got caught up in the “American way” that I stopped chasing adventure and life. Somewhere in the mix of all this, I became somewhat unsatisfied with life.

The root of my problem: I stopped daring to take risks.

I’m sure if I did some nation-wide study, I’d find that the majority of Americans haven’t been going after life and taking risks. And with that said, I’m sure that we’d find that most people were not enjoying their life to the fullest potential.

So here’s my proposal.
Twenty- Twelve: Let it be the year of taking risks.
Let’s stop going through a routine and walking through life mundanely.
Let’s stop waiting for life to find us- but let’s chase after life & adventure.
Let’s not be held back by fear, our current circumstance, or what society tells us is possible.
Let us be propelled to dream bigger and take chances by the fact that God is faithful to do all that he has promised. The dreams that you have; the ones that you go to bed dreaming about and the ones you just can’t seem to shake no matter what- I believe that those have been woven into us by our Creator. He wants those dreams to come to pass even more than we do. Why? Because people’s destinies are attached to those dreams.

So Twenty-Twelve:
Let it be the year we throw ourselves headlong into the arms of God (Ps. 13) adorning ourselves by putting our hope in God (1 Peter 3.5) and not ourselves or current circumstances.
Let it be the year the we learn to keep calm, not be afraid or loose heart (Is. 7.4).
Let it be the year that we believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that our God can conquer the impossible; standing firm in believing that what He says He will do that He will bring about (Is. 46.11/ Ez. 12.28/ Romans 4.16-24).
Let it be the year that we take a few risks, go on adventures, and stop waiting for life to come, but chase after it.
And lastly, let it be the year we begin to speak LIFE into our heart’s desires.

I leave you with this:
“The created world itself can hardly wait for what’s coming next. Everything in creation is being more or less held back. God reins it in until both creation and all the creatures are ready and can be released at the same moment into the glorious times ahead” (Romans 8.18-21).

Cheers to Twenty- Twelve. The year we all resolve to take a few risks and watch our dreams become reality.

Be Inspired + Create

Love Thy Neighbor

Our society has been bombarded with this famous phrase: Love thy Neighbor. Yet, as the years go by and I expose myself to the world, I can’t help but notice that the majority of humanity is saying or in some cases chanting “Love thy Neighbor”, but few are living it out.

Airports and planes have become a way of life for me, rather than an exciting luxury. Without fail, every time I fly I have a conversation with someone about what I do for a living. And without fail, the people I talk to are left in awe that I choose to spend my time helping the hurting people in the world. Essentially, they are impressed that a twenty- something year old college graduate would rather “Love thy Neighbor” than open her own psychology practice and pursue the American Dream.

Now, I would venture to say that I have the opportunity to be a part of some amazing things; however, I’m not so sure that that people ought to be “impressed”, after all it ought to be our way of life; to love thy neighbor. Somewhere along the way, our society has missed the point of life: to love God and love people. Instead, we’ve put a focus on living the American Dream, we work all day long for ourselves and for our family, but we’ve forgotten about our neighbors; the ones in need. It’s time to readjust our thinking.

We live in a world that is in need and where beauty and disaster are intertwined. A world that is in need of people to begin not only speaking about loving thy neighbor, but believing so much in bringing a piece of heaven to earth that they begin live it out.

The reality is that millions are effected every year by natural disasters, whether that be earthquakes, floods, tornados, tsunamis, or wildfires. Hurricane Katrina changed the lives of thousands as homes were lost, and 1,836 people were killed. Haiti’s infamous earthquake shook the country as it killed 220,000 people, leaving 1 million homeless, and countless children as orphans. Japan experienced an earthquake that stirred up a tsunami which left the whole world in awe of this catastrophe. There were over 15,000 deaths, 11,111 people missing, 4.4 million homes without electricity, and 1.5 million homes without clean water.

Regardless of their demographic – the people impacted by these disasters are our neighbors.
They are in need of someone coming to their rescue – and bringing hope.

C.S. Lewis said, “A Christian society is not going to arrive until most of us really want it; and we are not going to want it until we become fully Christian. I may repeat “Do as you would be done by” til I am black in the face, but I cannot really carry it out until I love my neighbour as myself; and I cannot learn to love my neighbour as myself till I learn to love God; and I cannot learn to love God expect by learning to obey Him”.

The world is waiting for a generation to wake up and “make the most of every opportunity”. (Ephesians 5.16). To stop being consumed by living the American Dream, and to embrace to heart of the Father. The world is in need of a people so enthralled by the love of the Father, that they cannot help but to breathe life and bring beauty in their every movement. There is a people in need, and they are waiting to be rescued by someone who is willing to push pass the uncomfortable and be Jesus to them.

I challenge you to allow your heart to match the heart of the Father’s. Let your heart break for what breaks His. Let your heart be moved by compassion in the same way that the Father’s heart is moved. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers”. (Galations 6:9-10)

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